Septorhinoplasty (nose shape correction surgery)



Mohiemen Anwar

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Q. Mr Anwar, do you perform any Rhinoplasty surgery?

A. Nasal surgery is my main interest in adult ENT. This includes surgery to improve the functionality and the shape of the nose, which often overlaps. Research mapping facial recognition in human eyes found that the nose is the second highest mapped area by human eyes, after the orbits. My passion for nasal surgery arises from my own experience as a patient. As a young adult and a budding junior tennis player, my nose went into an argument with a tennis ball, and lost! With a deviated external nose and severely blocked nasal breathing I needed surgery to correct both, but unfortunately my initial surgery only included septoplasty (correction of nasal septal deviation) without any attempt to correct the shape. This misjudgement and lack of adequate explanation left me with a worse nose, in shape and functionality. As a junior doctor in ENT, my insight and interest in nose surgery grown with the passion to ENT as a speciality, which helped me plan accurately for my own surgery. The revision surgery into my nose included attention to the shape of the nose (SeptoRhinoplasty), and whilst my surgeon this time is an expert ENT surgeon with special interest in nasal surgery, they did admit that the surgery was more difficult than usual, primarily as the initial operation not done to the best of standards. From that moment on I was determined not only to grow my interest in this particular field of ENT, but also to ensure I put my own experience as a patient as a guidance of how to manage my own patients.

Unlike non ENT surgeons, Otolaryngologists understand the importance and the overlap of the structure and the functionality of the nose. We understand how aesthetic manoeuvres can affect nasal breathing, if not immediately, after months to years.

I have performed rhinoplasty for patients with previous sports injuries, previous nasal surgeries, congenital deformities, but also for patients with chronic nasal conditions, and even obstructive sleep apnea. Nasal valve surgery is an important aspect in functional septorhinoplasty, whereby septoplasty alone might not be enough. I have delivered international lectures in the importance of nasal valve surgery and the balance of nasal valve surgery between functional and aesthetic Rhinoplasty. So to answer the question, YES indeed I do Rhinoplasty surgery.