What can an ENT consultant detect?



Mohiemen Anwar

Ear Nose and Throat related disorders and complaints are very common and accounts for approximately 20 – 30% of all visits to General Practice clinics. However, ENT is also a very highly specialised area and requires skills and equipment most likely unavailable in GP practices. Most ENT consultants spend many years training to perfect the mastery of examining the Ear using the microscope, interpreting hearing tests, performing specialised balance tests, fibroptic endoscopic examination of the sinonasal cavity and the upper aerodigestive tract. 70% of all ENT related conditions can be diagnosed during the first visit, executing the procedures mentioned above, the rest might require further investigations in the shape of bloods tests, radiological examination and occasionally a referral to another specialist. 

Although ENT comes under the category of surgical specialities (a surgical procedure is required to diagnose or treat a condition), more than two thirds of ENT-related conditions can be treated in the clinic with medications, therapy or a short intervention. 

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