Mr Anwar is recognised by all major health insurance companies e.g. BUPA, AXA PPP, CIGNA, WPA, Aviva, Vitality and Simply Health. He sees patients mainly at his private clinic at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and he is in the process of setting up practicing rights at 9 Harley Street and Syon clinic in West London. He is also set-up to see self-paying patients at his clinic at West Middlesex Hospital and Teddington Memorial Hospital. At his Chelsea clinic, he is registered to see over-seas patients per their Embassy recommendations. He is fluent in written and spoken Arabic.

Mr Anwar would expect a letter from your GP or from another colleague, detailing the reason for the referral and overall short history of any medical conditions and list of medications. The referrals can be emailed to his secretary (see contact details) prior to the consultation, but would also accept for the referral to be handed-in on the time of consultation. He is expected to communicate his consultation in a detailed letter to your GP following the consultation and up to a week after. A copy of the letter will be sent to the patient’s home address.

Mr Anwar’s initial consultation time is expected to be around 30 minutes; extra time will be allowed for any outpatient procedures deemed necessary at the time of the consultation. Follow-up appointments would last between 20-30 minutes. A typical consultation would include a detailed history taking, general and ENT examination, which would be carried out by Mr Anwar himself. Often in a typical ENT consultation, a procedure or multiple procedures might be necessary to complete the assessment. *Please see Outpatient procedures guidance for further information.

At the end of the consultation, a plan of action would be drawn by Mr Anwar detailing any treatment needed or further investigations in the shape of blood tests, allergy testing, or radiological assessment. Radiological investigations might include, plane X-ray films, ultrasound assessment, CT and MR scans. Most of these investigations can be done within the private clinic the patient is being seen at, however occasionally those investigations would need an onward referral to a different centre. In these circumstances, Mr Anwar would make the referral to the appropriate centre and would expect to see you back with the results in his clinic.


ENT is a speciality reliant on several outpatient procedures for completion of the patients’ overall assessment and consultation. Mr Anwar can perform most of these procedures at the same visit/consultation:

- Microscopic examination of the ear and removal of impacted wax from the external ear canal (ear suction)

- Flexible endoscopic examination of the larynx and pharynx

- Flexible/rigid endoscopic examination of the sinonasal cavity

- Balance examination and manoeuvres 

- Cautrization of nasal septum in nose bleeds

Some other investigations might need to be referred to specialist diagnostic centres:

- Hearing assessment* 

- Allergy testing

- Balance and vertigo assessment

*Accessibility to a hearing test can be arranged on the same day or within 24 hours depending on the centre.


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