All major health insurance providers recognize Mr Anwar as healthcare provider:

West London ENT - ENT insurance

As part of the consultation, patients may need certain tests (such as blood tests or imaging services) to help in the diagnosis of their condition. These tests will be undertaken by the other providers and not by Mr Anwar. The fees for those tests will be determined by the other providers and charged to you, or directly to your private medical insurer, separate to Mr Anwar's consultation fees.

If there are any fees you will charged for in relation to any tests or procedures, Mr Anwar will advice you accordingly prior to undertaking them.

*Please note you are responsible for any fees not covered by your insurer including any 'shortfalls'.

Following your consultation with Mr Anwar, you are expected to settle two bills, one payable to Mr Anwar for his consultation and any procedures performed during your visit (as per the fees schedule above) and another bill that would cover the hospital fees. Hospital fees vary according to different hospitals and Mr Anwar is not responsible and has no power over those fees. Those procedures might include hearings tests, outpatient procedures, use of facilities and investigations (radiological and blood tests). Hospitals and clinics are expected to display or provide clear patients’ instructions with fees required for their services. 

For surgical procedures and operations to be performed by Mr Anwar in operating theatres, Mr Anwar’s secretary will be able to provide you with detailed instructions for date, time, location and any pre-operative instructions required prior to your surgery. 

For medically insured patients, Mr Anwar advise you to discuss the details and terms of your policy to cover the outpatient consultation and any procedures might be required to be performed on the day of your consultation and/or essential to the assessment of your medical condition.  

Finally, for patients eligible for NHS treatment, Mr Anwar would facilitate the transfer from private to NHS services subject to GP referral and hospital’s waiting lists and outpatient’s appointments. It is illegal for NHS patients to “jump the queue” based on any private consultations they might have had with Mr Anwar previously. NHS appointments are strictly subject to GP referrals.


Mr Anwar accepts the following methods of payments for self-paying patients:

  • Cash payments made on the day
  • BACS
  • All major debt and credit cards using iZettle terminal
  • Cheques payable to Anwar-ENT LTD and posted to

Manage My Practice Ltd, 17 Hanover Square, London W1S 1BN

For insured patients, Anwar-ENT LTD reserves the right to invoice patients for any excess payments not covered by the insurance company. Payments can be via cheques made payable to Anwar-ENT LTD Manage My Practice Ltd, 17 Hanover Square, London W1S 1BN, BACS and bank transfers. Further methods of payment can be made in arrangement with Mr Anwar’s secretary.