Mohiemen knows choosing a healthcare provider can be an anxious time. He has put together a list of questions patients often ask him, in an effort to let you know other people have gone through very similar experiences and have come out the other side happy and healthy.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mo's secretary, Ms Olimpia Palici, if you have any questions at all. You can reach her at, or call at 0207 117 2437.

Do ENT doctors do nose jobs?

A Nose job is formally known as Rhinoplasty. The word Rhino comes from the ancient Greek language and it means Nose. An ENT specialist with an interest in Rhinology indicates they are experts in all conditions of the nose, including the external appearance of the nose. read more

What can an ENT detect?

Ear Nose and Throat related disorders and complaints are very common and accounts for approximately 20 – 30% of all visits to General Practice clinics. However, ENT is also a very highly specialised area and requires skills and equipment most likely unavailable in GP practices. read more

What can ENT do to my sinuses?

Sinuses are cavities within our skulls covered by the same lining as our noses and are in continuation with the nasal cavity, therefore they are often referred to as the paranasal sinuses or the sinonasal cavity. read more

Should I see ENT for a sore throat?

A sore throat is a very common symptom, it covers multiple related complaints and can indicate a wide spectrum of conditions. Commonly it indicates inflammation of the pharynx (area that is covered from the back of your nose and mouth, down to the entrance of the gullet). read more



Olimpia Palici

Olimpia is a highly-competent and accomplished professional with a demonstrated ability to perform medical and clerical tasks effectively whilst delivering outstanding customer service in a busy Medical settings.
With over 10 years of experience in the private health sector, she brings strong capability of staying organised under pressure with a natural aptitude to putting patients needs first.

Mr Mohiemen Anwar

Mr Anwar is a highly qualified ENT Consultant in London specialising in the disease of the Ear Nose and Throat. He has a special interest in disorders of the Nose, general ENT and Paediatric ENT. His NHS practice is based on Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust, West Middlesex University Hospital. For further details on Mr Mohiemen Anwar CV please visit his profile page.

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