Covid-19 Pandemic update



Mohiemen Anwar

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  • ENT has been highlighted as a high risk speciality during the pandemic due to the nature of the Virus and the highly aerosol generating procedures we perform in clinic and surgery.
  • Mr Anwar still is reviewing patients both face to face and via virtual and telephone consultations. However this is in a limited capacity due to the lock-down and the social distancing measures introduced by the government in its fight against Covid-19. Please visit the official government website for further information
  • Mr Anwar’s secretary will go through some important health questions in order to screen for symptoms of Covid-19 as per 111 online Covid-19 questionnaire
  • Mr Anwar is unable for the time-being in performing naso-endoscopy and nasolaryngoscopy examinations at some of his private clinic locations due to the high aerosol generating procedures and risk of contracting the dangerous virus
  • As a full time NHS consultant, Mr Anwar has been involved in operating and looking after unwell Covid-19 patients at his NHS base West Middlesex Hospital please see photos attached of his work during the Pandemic